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 "Our bodies are innately wise. It is your fundamental embodied wisdom that I connect with through out the session.

This wisdom lies underneath all that is out of alignment and in discomfort, I support you to feel the impulse of this wisdom, in the subtle movements, and in the heart of the constrictions. To work with this, I feel humbled by the power that our bodies have to heal".  - Kanchan 

About Craniosacral Therapy

Life and health in the body is expressed as motion.  All living cells demonstrate this motion.  These subtle movements manifest in all parts of the body, producing rhythms which have been scientifically measured and can be palpated by sensitive hands.  This movement is the basis of a healthy system.

Health is always present within the core of our systems and my intention will be to aid you in accessing this health to enable your body physiology to make the adjustments that it needs for healing to occur.

I work in a gentle hands on fashion.  Firstly, no matter what your presenting problems are, I will make contact with the place in your system that is constantly orientating towards health, however sick or in pain you may feel.

My work is grounded in anatomy and physiology but I keep an awareness of the body/mind/spirit as being one unit of function (including the emotional body), so no matter where you feel pain, trauma, blocked energy or disease, it will affect your whole system and this means that I may use any part of your system to address and meet and bring healing to your current issue.

Through our life time, including birth and the prenatal period, we experience different conditions, be it emotional trauma, accidents, illnesses, etc.

If left unmet, our body intelligence stores this "story", and it can be years before these traumas give us trouble.

So the treatments will be addressing these layers of your history as well as your current issue.

I will always be guided by your body.

I will not be imposing anything on you. 

We will work together as your system guides us.

This is not a "quick fix "therapy, but it is a thorough and profound healing technique.

Your healing will continue to take place after the session is over, and it can be a few days before you notice results.  You may find treatment relaxing and rejuvenating as we are contacting deep nourishment at the core of your being.  Current issues and problems have usually built up over time and consequently need time to resolve.

Craniosacral therapy can be helpful for all conditions, as it reaches to the core under any presenting problem.

In my experience it is particularly helpful for conditions such as, arthritis, autism, back pain, breathing problems, dental problems, depression, digestive disorders, dyslexia, colic, emotional problems, exhaustion, insomnia, ME, migraine, postoperative health, reintegration after accidents, any kind of physical or mental trauma, stress related illnesses, TMJ or jaw disorders, whiplash, birth intervention traumas in mum and baby, chronic pain, and much more.


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