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Craniosacral Therapy For Children

“Craniosacral for children is a deep ,caring, hands on listening ,to all that lies beneath the surface .All that is hard for your child to express can be heard and felt through the nerves, the fluids and the tissues of their sensitive body/mind/soul systems.Their bodies speak the language that their behaviours are trying to express.Once met in this way ,powerful release can take place, supporting the resolve of many underlying issues.”

Children are experiencing an increasing amount of stress at school these days.In fact it's not only the children, but also the teachers that are having to cope with the pressure of governmental guidelines and expected statistics.This is causing children and those that care for them to be under a lot of pressure, and for some it causes anxiety ,which can lead to behavioural problems.

In my experience of working with children ,craniosacral therapy works directly with the nervous system, creating a greater possibility for relaxation and resourcing . This then helps to access  potency in the child's system that can support a tension release ,and the release of pressure, that can then bring the feeling of more confidence, spaciousness and calm.

After a craniosacral sacral session, it has been reported to me that parents and teachers have witnessed great changes in the child's attitude and behaviour in the classroom, despite the pressure still being there.

Craniosacral sessions have also helped children with speech problems, social confidence, and sleep issues.

Sessions can also support the parent /child relationship, as they give a deeper insight to what the child is experiencing.

'By contacting the core levels of health, the Craniosacral approach is a gentle and powerful tool for the relief of suffering. It is an exploration into the essence of healing, one which has the potential to lead us to the deepest roots of our being'  - Michael Kern

 "The Craniosacral concept is a potent therapeutic vision grounded upon certain anatomical, psychological and therapeutic observations.  To utilise Craniosacral therapy in diagnosis and treatment requires seeing the individual as an integrated whole" - John Upledger

'The human system is a unit of function, it is an integrated whole. It is only our minds that fragment that whole. This truth can be perceived both within our immediate experience of suffering and within the experience of the underlying health which centers that suffering. Within the Craniosacral concept it is seen that health is never lost.' - Franklyn Sills

Kanchan has over 20 years experience as a Craniosacral therapist, and is also specialised in the treatment of babies and children, having done many years work with Claire Dolby, Karlton Terry, Matthew Appleton and Jenny Meyer, studying baby body language, embryology and pre and perinatal birth psychology.



What is Craniosacral Therapy for babies?

Craniosacral therapy for babies is a gentle, but profound way of making contact with your baby. By listening to your babies subtle fluid movements it is possible to receive information about how your babies system is functioning. Your baby can stay fully dressed and held by you. Through hands on and off and observation of certain movements, and listening to your babies sounds I will gather information on how to make contact with your baby and extremely gently encourage release of any strains that are causing discomfort.

I will work with the movements that your baby is already making, as this is usually your babies innate body wisdom trying to create greater ease. Through the gentle inducement of still points in your babies system, I will be facilitating more inner space to support your baby to find its own equilibrium, and deeper sense of peace. Through feeling your babies nervous system usually by gentle contact with the sacrum, it is possible to facilitate a discharge of any stress present resulting in the baby settling and feeling more content and restful.


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