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FdA Integrative Counselling, RBACP. CYP CERT.

C.S.T. Baby and Birth psychology trained.       


Sometimes life just feels overwhelming, confusing, painful or just “too much”.

Counselling, in a safe non-judgemental environment, is a way of unpacking and finding clarity, self-care and a more life enhancing way of being with difficult life circumstances.


Through regular sessions of counselling, it is possible to find ways of living with more comfort, ease, and healing. Exploring early relational wounds will bring a more settled sense of self, thus supporting present day relationships.


As humans we experience a multitude of emotions and thought processes. There is space for all of this in the therapy room.

About Me


I am a registered counsellor and I have more than twenty years’ experience of being a therapist. My main modalities have been in counselling and craniosacral therapy which includes deep psychological exploration and healing, as well as physical release and relief.


I love being a therapist and am constantly humbled by the human capacity for orientation towards health and a deeper sense of wellbeing. Together, through a relationship based on compassion and honesty we explore the fundamental issues that have led you to seek support.


I hold a safe and gentle space to enable a depth of exploration and the building of inner resources. I have experience working with trauma, and mindfulness practices to support the natural pace that is needed in every individual case.

As an integrative counsellor I draw from many different modalities, but I always keep the relationship at the heart of my practice.

I have experience using the creative arts, gestalt practices, attachment-based exploration but the heart of my practice is person centred.


I am qualified and experienced in counselling people from the age of 11 upwards.

My counselling experience includes working with depression, sexual abuse, bereavement, self-esteem issues, childhood trauma, and gender and relationship issues.

I work with long term counselling as opposed to short term solution-based CBT, but this can also be a part of the resource building.


I trained in pre and peri natal birth psychology, and baby therapy with Karlton Terry and Matthew Appleton.

I have experience working with women’s issues and have run women’s groups.


I have a wealth of life experience that I draw upon in my practice.




“Kanchan is a compassionate and kind person. She genuinely cares and this has had a big impact on me.

Kanchan has given me a safe space to feel heard and valued, and this has really helped my confidence and self-worth to grow.”   Sarah.


   “It feels like a safe space to always come back to” Lee                                                                   

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